In part 3 of my blog , I am going to explain about how I have use Common Data Connector (CDS) to call qualtrics API’s and update back the response in D365 CE.

Login to power platforms and go to flows

I have achieved my scenario using 2 power automate flows in CDS

a) Automated Flow : When a Qualtrics transaction record created in D365 CE on close of an incident

b) Scheduled Flow : To get the survey link after the import is successful and update back the Survey Link.

First Automated Flow “Qualtrics – Create Transaction and Contact”

  • Connect to your environment, Select entity and define scope
  • I have used HTTP connector to call API, and used the URL stored in transaction recorded created in D365 CE from the Async plugin. For the detailed API and body structure, you can refer to part 1 of this blog
  • Initialized 3 variables : Transaction batch status = HTTP response status code, Transaction Id and contact import status URL

  • Check if the API is successful or not . If yes then proceed else update back the record with the exception message
  • I have used Parse JSON to parse the response we get form the previous API call.
  • Stored Transaction batch ID and make another API call for contact import.
  • Once you called the API, capture the response status to check if it is failed or successfull
  • Proceed further if it successful else update back the record with the failed message.
  • Again parse the response body to get survey link
  • Update survey link field in Qualtrics transaction record in D365 CE

Second Flow : Scheduled for every 5 minutes – Get Survey Link form Qualtrics

  • Get list of the records whose contact import status is In Progress and transaction Id is filled based on previous API call.
  • Initialize couple of variables : a) Survey link – to store the link URL b) distribution Id – To store distribution Id
  • Loop through each record and call distribution link API
  • Parse the response using Parse JSON
  • Set Distribution Id Variable
  • Call our last API to get the generated link using distribution ID
  • Again parse the response using JSON Parse
  • Start updating record with survey link and distribution ID

Hope you have enjoyed my blog.

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